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 …stark inequalities in health and other social outcomes across Scotland are not just unfair for people who are adversely affected, but … bad for the country as a whole. Equally Well Review, Scottish Government, 2010a


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 In Scotland today, there is evidence of significant health inequalities in terms of mortality, physical illness, mental health and wellbeing, lifestyle behaviours associated with ill health and access to and use of health services… Inequalities are also evident according to gender, age, education, ethnicity, sexual orientation and the presence of disability or mental health problems Scottish Government, 2008a

Bridging the Gap is an online health inequalities learning resource that aims to provide pre-registration Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHPs), and those Higher Education Institutions in Scotland with responsibilities for their education with a flexible learning resource.

Bridging the Gap, drawing on current evidence, outlines some of the key features of health and social inequalities in Scotland, explores a range of associated topics and themes; from the social gradient in health to the nature of prejudice and discrimination, provides an overview of the legal and policy backdrop, considers practice issues and the vital role of NHS Scotland and healthcare workers have to play in tackling Scotland's inequalities gap.

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